Change in Circumstances

You should notify the pension fund in writing if your circumstances change in any of the following ways:

Change of address

We will require notification of your new address so we can keep in touch.

Change of name

You will need to inform us of any changes in your name so we can update our records.

Change of marital status

A Death Grant and Annual Pension Benefits may be payable to your dependants upon your death, so it is important that we have the correct information as regards your marital status.

If you are cohabiting with a partner of either same or opposite sex, you are able to nominate your partner to receive survivor’s benefits subject to certain criteria being met.  Upon notification of such a partnership we will send you a co-habiting partner’s declaration form.

Please use the Change of Circumstances form in the attachments section below to inform us of any of the above changes, ensuring to enclose all the appropriate documentation.


Change of Circumstances Form