Conflicts of Interest Policy

Each fund must produce and publish a conflicts of interest policy which includes details of how actual, potential and perceived conflicts are addressed within the governance of the fund.

The conflicts of interest policy sets out our process for identifying, monitoring and managing conflicts of interest in the governance and management of the fund.

People with responsibilities for administering the Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS), as well as advisers to the fund, may have other roles and responsibilities. This might be for example:

  • as an elected member of an employer participating in the fund
  • as an adviser to other LGPS administering authorities
  • a person who has personal, business or other interests which might conflict with their role managing or advising the fund

The policy relates to:

  • members of the Gwynedd Pension Board
  • members of the Pensions Committee
  • senior officers involved in the governance and management of the fund
  • advisers and suppliers to the fund

Our policy is currently being prepared and will appear on this page once it’s ready to be published.