85 Year Rule

If a member retired before they reached age 65, it was possible for them to retire without having a reduction on their pension and lump sum if they met what was called the ’85 year rule’.

To meet the 85 year rule, the member’s age at retirement (in whole years) and membership at retirement (in whole years) when added together had to equal 85.

For example if a member retired at age 60 and had 25 years membership or more – they would have met the 85 year rule and retire at age 60 without a reduction to their pension.

The 85 year rule was abolished on 30/09/2006, however, protections were put in place so that members who were in the scheme on or before 30/09/2006 and who could have met the 85 year rule at retirement have some or all of their benefits protected from the reductions.

The level of protection depends on your date of birth as follows:

  • A member born on or before 31/03/1956: All benefits built up to 31/03/2016 protected.

  • A member born between 01/04/1956 and 31/03/1960: All benefits built up to 31/03/2008 protected with benefits built up between 01/04/2008-31/03/2020 being protected on a sliding scale of reductions.

  • A member born after 31/03/1960: Benefits built up to 31/03/2008 protected with service from 01/04/2008 being liable to full reductions.